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intoxicate soul with eyes Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "a Monk Of tha Ahhhhhsss" journal:

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January 27th, 2010
03:33 am


Stronger than the Word


She glides through my mind a spiritual glare,

A rare glimpse of thought, provoking me to stare into her sunlight

Bare my soul to the kindest might--that might throw a line between two galaxies strong with the delight of knowing each feature.
My eternal teacher glowing love through growing tight embraces, creatures the boundaries of which are unknown features we embrace.
A long stroll across our minds beach. With our words tonight we will make love to the god and goddess embodied in our breath's reach within which we bring the seeds planted for that fleeting kiss.
Not a moment I would want to miss, being in her arms screaming ecstasy clouds of mist which enfold our spirits, a mesh of planetary alignment--third eye opening bliss.
senses cloud without the light that is your love.
Your guidance pulls me through the smoke and mirrors opening doorways I have never experienced.
Opening your heart to me is like hearing a quartet of stringed symphony.
When I join in, the music is boundless irony that something so sweet as the harmony we create could ever not be.
But you see, the clouds pass and in that realization you and I will forever be blessed with the rays of such a unique love.
Whatever demons we harbor Im sure through this connection will soon be turned to doves to eternal fly free through the sky lines - you and me.

Love conquers all, certainly with ours stronger than the Word.
We will get through the storm-- telepathically linked we were born to sit it out knowing how we adorn our souls like children playing innocently with our hearts sworn to discover the other.
like no other lover.

you and I.




Dime a dozen - she's a dime to me in all her prime glory
Her stories of experience would make any mere mortal quiver, but with her goddess bright
and flowing she handles it all - from mountain top, to river, towards oceans always growing -
expanding in plenitude - supple grace showing in her radiant face.
She'll make you ...misplace your mind - racing to rewind the sight of an angel passing by.
She's patient enough to let you catch up that you might be luckily chanced a second sight.
A glimpse of her direction so that you may follow this woman because she embodies perfection.

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May 16th, 2008
02:12 am


i love being able to connect with people
to drop any games
defenselessly sit by your friendship.

were all ships.

either a relation ship
maybe a friend ship

do you relate?
do you befriend?

how do you communicate with other vessels
to have a strong signal"
a pulse within

are you hiding yours
is it lost searching
can others feel it

my generator is hydraulic silence
points as sharp wine
you bend or dissolve
but puncturing in
intoxicate your soul too no end
break through leather skin
find light through battered tin
disregard thoughts for sin
you know you wanna fly
free from within
when your ready
ill execute the timeless kin
slow but steady
sneak out the back
you'll see whats to give back

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April 8th, 2008
07:40 am


Old Mansions

Confessing Insecurity

addressing simple casualties of love

folding hugs manipulate outlasting tugs at the soul

impossible positions roll the dice/ another stroll down memory lane

innate blessing i confiscate / misplacing my heart racing to find a fix

to fill this hole. unobstructed mindset ready to unfold

ME! ME! these cells cry out for attention

only i can give this emotion birth,

but oh the mansion such a lover provides with another space to live

kinship fellows bellowing acts of portrayal a layer deeper

than erasing all sunsets blind / sunset rise and find a bright new beginning

end with tending to the heat / flame above which all to blame becomes relief

sheets and sheets of teething idea's feeling newborn

clearer than the residing liquid in which we adhere

this is not a race, i will find my true place.

i will be my own from which the whole in totality

a new mentality / a clean slate.


My mind relapses into relating

I feel myself collapsing in the present

a tenant attending ritualistic grinning ascension

hence then reach within and feel yourself die from being born again

being torn again away from vision activist lacking any say in this dismissal

the ultimate sacrifice to chaos starts with a thistle pin prick feel

following a light for the deal existence has laid out before you

go within through window gazing eyes a maze in arraying through haze

playing a tune through my nostrils called breath

the breaker between life and death

but whats makes one without giving the other a rest

a test between the two division is impressible only when givin the right hue

let me clue you in, or better yet let yourself do the searching through ruins

ancient and omniant / relax and you'll feel yourself getting calmer yet

but an alarming bet you made sold your soul off as a slave

a bold maneuver for comfort

but with the boredom i hope you find there's so much to learn

come back home, retaliate with compassion

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November 28th, 2007
04:29 am


in memory of..

the trees sway with these words powerful in prayer
a dance of the wind song lights up new layers
while mother moon writes in cold calm swooning
attuning my body to the life force external
allowing this energy field to encompass eternal


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November 19th, 2007
02:14 am


"you ain shit man, your stories a joke. you should package it with a last smoke and 6 feet of rope"

I write as if not knowing what to write
but how could i stop..

I think as though my mind is filled with
a million thoughts of you.
  and ohhh what a spectacular view

I look into your eyes for an eternity
slung softly between our brows where the conscious
takes stand and feeds breath to the distance past
that was once a line.

 A line that divided the me to you.
 A line that can devour us if thats what we let it do

Knowing together we set the controls to auto pilot
As one watch a divine love coast off into
the Reality we hold close.
 But i cant seem to hold enough cause theres always more
limitless ways in which you I adore

but wait..  that line again..

  oh how picture-esque and pleasant, a love drowning its own children

this take all fiction turned drug addiction mask's the blood we spill

if i could only come down off my own mountain to climb yours
  we might be able to speak legibly about loosing our minds
mind you,  I've lost mine at a laughable cost over a million times
 but thats the debt i collect, to have the last laugh and feign intellect
it keeps me level, comparable to several words ive heard over and over again

 you cant communicate
 you are cold hearted
 you are an asshole
i never really loved you
   and i reply back...   nothing.  i just take a minute sit back and believe
im being lied to - but thats just the way i skip out my mistakes cause the last time i tried to damn hard
   this time you really do make me believe i played the wrong cards
my past is lasting longer than id like to be able to tell     but  i cant shake the feeling I've been here
ive been this scared,   ive been this unfair,  ive been this daring...
             ive spent my time contemplating the actions we took on as tasks tackling nothing but each others last
breath, and honey id rather let death direct me towards dirt than to ever see that look of hurt in your eyes
so don't think for one second that i don't love you
 and don't you dare say im running away

because i do, an im not...  im just trying to get us out of this murderous plot

i can truly say from that fuzzy part of me thats deep down the well hole ive been digging
wishing he could come out and play but afraid of the shrapnel hearts explode..
i can truly say that i know it hurts you... because it hurts me worse
i can truly say i've never loved enough to let go. not before this..
ive always been a taker- not enough to care, but this time enough to tell you to take care
and as i sit there in silence dying from watching  you
walk away cursing at me , because i wont let us be the we that cant
settle the differences enough to spend time apart

but through all this.. i think ive found my own heart.
a brand new start to wake up next to myself and love every bit of being
every bit of seeing true love
not the kind that keeps dove's in cages
or the kind that seems fit only with spontaneous rages

i know ive found my heart
and with it a new chart for desire
a longing for reaching higher

my heart has been set ablaze
no words could put it in phrase


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February 9th, 2006
01:55 pm



i destroyed the moon, her face soothing elapsed like a busted ballon
comforting colors, warmth breaths in rays of laughter tighter
than what i thought would last her hair compliments my accomplishments
tendencies forbiden allready ridden and infested with to many test to
ellicit forebearing love song radios old blows to the heart nothing new
nothing new nothing cept this one was real this is the one i forsaw
my deviant path spreading its legs open to let slide in then it all
begins a trickle down the thight saught a pooring undenied could
this have happened after her soft mellow stare looked away into
another cannopy another dreamless me I was the sun how my reflector
resist with passing time passivist revision in the moon

shes gone

where have i to tellthe secrets only lovers share my reflection
is dull in the vastness of space and yet even if i knew of tomorrow
with a pale light comming from her my heart froth foaming inside
disgues's the natural'
my left left my only right and no where in sight can i place descrepency
its all fallen before me these city scapes scraped up and ate up by something
demolishing hopefully a little pollishing and this will all be a mess unmaid,
unclear, untold of this blade i threw across my shoulder cutting out the moon
her form reformed and out went her gloom never again ask for such solice
without the notion it gives not what takes not
I am beckoned before counsil a tight seal of my lips destroys appeals
kneeling without justice just this once... just this once
id like to accomplish my set out goals but the untold roads ahead beg of me to stay
leave behind a portrayal of all the things we would say through bending light
a hair away what makes this injustice disgust the relay from my brain to the last
refinement of our love
in this skin burning hot i sink myself in what i have deformed

a sun that lost its moon
the most beautiful view of light lost its tune
to no longer reflect apon with swooning

i bow before all eternity in hopes that what i blocked in the stream of destiny
will be enough to behead my rights to perform in this grande play'

before too late became too soon
a sun that lost its moon

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July 13th, 2005
12:17 am


its been over 4 months since i quit smoking.

as walking from the 3rd story apartment
i began to hear foot steps that suddenly stoped to the beat of my feet squeeking down the wood planks.
i got closer to see a still shadow while in my own stedy pace - withholding nothing of personal grace.
dark glided quickly across the lit backdrop as she moved passing around the corner meeting my exposed skin on level company.
"hi" i hear light up her voice
i could tell her body was cringing in a hot flush of blushing
"scuuzi" is all i muttered in a tone of thick foreign butter spread.
i might as well throw a few of those planks we surprisingly met apon
into the flame of obvious pleasure at what she saw, an it not being whatever the reason she might have froze over at all
to keep it even more in dream - eye all smiles walked on by.
moment forever in time

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July 2nd, 2005
06:01 pm



a trial period that didnt have matching satisfaction statistics
i guess its hard for some to understand bohemian lifestyle linguistics
such of test slashing past hidden characteristic charm flashing
mask impending physic traits that retaliate the congruent wish's

and thats miss's universe flowering so diverse
while you jerks feverishly smirk over all her hard work
but imaginary quirks can quickly tile over old ghost perks
singluar outlooks take on a certain scenic portrayal lurking

book worm churning makes mindless matter infinite in ink
linking the pattern of an old system to the brink of a new dawn
fauna fornications understand nothing but enjoy own dedication

hesitation marks an unkept subconscious basment
conjacent with the way i metaphoricly articulate conscious amazement

cognizant deficits default illusory core
everyone wants but in their confusion i get bored
do what it might take to choose your own chore
but stay awhile and come to find that
denial or or acceptance takes the same breath distance

surly you could even ever put it all back together
the way you want to feel windblown like soaring feathers
light or lead you can be dead or live
i come and give a gift for you
will you take it
cause its true...
these words spell out breakthrough

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June 19th, 2005
03:08 am



realism, bottle neck escape artist reaching for float on water devises
flood the yard with power, flowering individuality over each restraint hour
minature love compels tasting parties
react like smooth stitching. seams branded and tamed. contained misfortunes re-aimed
sediments solitarily deliver life to my heart
somewhere between the now and then i fall apart
living love through construction around bruised thoughts
feeling we fell into the sealing hell
modernism might place us back on the shelf for good
proper misplacement contains marvels understood
leasure from guilt. persuite of it all acts to tilt minds over
sinking ships deep within sobering reefs - reliving actions for a taste of minor relief
it all fills me up, but i wouldnt know. chain reactions competetively steal the show.

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April 30th, 2005
03:39 am



sittin in my front lawn, eating an orange, chillin in a lounge chair, watching the fauna face on, daring to ask these question, going through these test transitions...

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